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1 021

Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2008, 20:53

Zombie-Loan von Peach-Pit
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Shounen, Supernatural
Bände Anzahl: 11 laufend
Verlag: Square Enix
Magazin: GFantasy
When a human is marked to die, a faint gray line that is invisible to most appears around their neck. As time passes, that ring becomes darker and darker, until it is eventually black, and that person dies. Kita Michiru has an unusual gift, she posses "Shinigami eyes," which allow her to see these rings. When Michiru notices that two of the boys in her Class, Akatsuki Chika and Tachibana Shito not only have rings, but that they're jet black, they reveal to her that the were supposed to die in a tragic accident six months ago. With the help of the Zombie Loan loan office, they were given a second chance at life, should they be able to pay for their debt by doing the work of Shinigami and killing malicious zombies. They petition Michiru to assist them in their efforts, and she finds her everyday life changing dramatically.

1 022

Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2008, 22:06

Senki Senki Momotama von Nanae Chrono (bisher 5 Bände)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

This series is adorable. And occasionally freakish and violent. Mutsu Kokonose, a tiny exorcist and holy terror, crash-lands on a mythical island where the fairy tales are real...

Vassalord von Nanae Chrono (bisher 3 Bände)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Shounen Ai, Supernatural

Charley is a cyborg vampire Jesus freak who does the Vatican's dirty work. Johnny is a vampiric hedonist who loves irritating his more-or-less unwilling partner. Technically not yaoi, but almost.

Paka Run von Nanae Chrono und Takamasa Nakabayashi (bisher 1 Band)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Shounen

Mother Keeper von Kairi Sorano (bisher 4 Bände)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Action, Shounen

The world is split into two kinds of people: those on the "inside" of EDEN, and those on the "outside". Within EDEN there is clean air and water - it lived up to it's name of a true paradise. But EDEN cannot contain all of the people of the world. EDEN actually made conditions worse for those outside. Because of this, many resistance groups have been formed. Ricalna Forde is a soldier of the resistance team COSMOS, whose mission is to infiltrate EDEN's main headquarters and destroy the "Central CPU" - that controls all of EDEN.

Naki Shoujo no Tame no Pavane von Koge Donbo (bisher 1 Band)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Historical

The manga takes place in a music school in the late Meiji period. It features one boy and 12 girls.

Hakobune Hakusho von Moyamu Fujino (bisher 7 Bände)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Fantasy, School Life, Shounen

"Can you be your natural self, if you know the truth?"
"Can you assimilate into our school?"
"Can you pledge secrecy when you are a human being?"

Fukada Neko somehow finds herself applying to and enrolling in a secret school created by and specifically for animal/human shapeshifters, though only after difficult tribulations with those who manage the school. Neko befriends a fellow classmate , the cute Suzuhara Miika, prior to the tough task of enrolling, and afterwards discovers her new found friend's 'feline' side, though this changes nothing in regards to the close relationship just started between them. Join Neko on her journey into the mysteries of the prosperous Moritaka school for the Sons' and Daughters' of this literal Noah's ark.

Aria von Kozue Amano (12 Bände)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi, Shounen, Slice of Life

On the planet Aqua, a world once known as Mars, Mizunashi Akari has just made her home in the town of Neo-VENEZIA, a futuristic imitation of the ancient city of Venice. The technology of "Man Home" (formerly Earth) has not entirely reached this planet, and Akari is alone, having no contact with family or friends. Nonetheless, the town, with its charming labyrinths of rivers and canals, becomes Akari's new infatuation, along with the dream of becoming a full-fledged gondolier. Reverting to a more "primitive" lifestyle and pursuing a new trade, the character of Akari becomes both adventurous and heartwarming all at once.

Ar Tonelico - Arpeggio von ayamegumu (3 Bände)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Shounen

Ar Tonelico II von ayamegumu (3 Bände)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Shounen

Fairial Garden von Minene Sakurano (bisher 2 Bände)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen

Noah is a young boy whose parents are world famous as scientists who developed "Fairia seeds". Fairia seeds are special flower seeds that can "grow" fairy-like beings called Fairia. Fairias have become popular pets since the seeds became available for sale. Popular with everyone else but Noah. Noah swore that he would never keep a Fairia again after his mother used his Fairia in an experiment and killed it.
One day he picks up a houseplant from the garbage and brings it home without realizing that it is a Fairia plant. When it flowers, out comes a beautiful girl the size of a pea. He names her Claire. Claire is a special kind of Fairia called Fairial that can make themselves human sized as well.
Now, Noah must find out the secret behind the Fairia seeds, if he wants to keep Claire safe.

Gyakusatsu Mahou Shoujo Belial Strawberry von Sachi Kurafuji und Akira (2 Bände)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Shounen

Temporary Description: It's been 10 years since the demons have taken over Earth. Since then, humans have been treated like trash. A righteous faerie, who cannot stand seeing humans being trodden upon, came to Earth from Heaven. She is searching for a kind-hearted person to help her fight the demons, because faeries cannot attack demons directly due to a pact from the ancient times.

Muzzle-Loader von Naruse Takami und BOYAKASHA (bisher 2 Bände)
Verlag: Mag Garden
Genre: Action, Supernatural

Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 2 mal editiert, zuletzt von »Ichigo« (25. Dezember 2008, 22:25)

1 023

Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2008, 21:30

Tsumanuda Fight Town von Michiro Ueyama
Genre: Supernatural, Action, Ecchi, Comedy, Martial Arts
Bände Anzahl: 4 laufend
Verlag: Shonen Gahosha
Magazin: Young King

Ongiri!!! von Hiromi Matoi und Yuichiro Honzawa
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Seinen
Bände Anzahl: 2 laufend
Verlag: Shonen Gahosha
Magazin: Young King Ours

Go! Tenba Cheerleaders von Toshinori Sogabe
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi
Bände Anzahl: 5 laufend
Verlag: Shonen Gahosha
Magazin: Young King

Jirai von Yoshihiko Inui
Genre: Action, Mature, Supernatural
Bände Anzahl: 4 laufend
Verlag: Shonen Gahosha
Magazin: Young King

E.D.D von Eiji Hatsumoto
Genre: Action
Bände Anzahl: 5 laufend
Verlag: Shonen Gahosha
Magazin: Young King

1 024

Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2008, 22:02

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu von Yusaku Igarashi und Yasu Fukayama

Bände: 2
Verlag: MediaWorks
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, Seinen

In "Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu" geht es um Yuto Ayase und Haruka Nogizaka. Im Gegensatz zu Haruka, die intelligent, hübsch und reich ist, scheint Yuto nur ein ganz gewöhnlicher Schüler zu sein. Haruka, auch bekannt als "Nuit Étoile" oder "Lumière du Clavier", wird von ihren Mitschülern sehr bewundert und als Vorbild genommen. Eines Tages will Yuto ein ausgeliehenes Buch der Schulbücherei zurückgeben, doch er stolpert ohne es zu wollen auf Harukas tieftest und dunkelstes Geheimnis: Sie ist ein absoluter Anime- und Mangafan bzw. ein ganz normaler Otaku. Yuto verspricht Haruka, ihr Geheimnis zu bewahren und wird zu ihrem Berater und Vertrauten, doch er bekommt schnell den Neid seiner Mitschüler zu spüren...



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1 025

Montag, 29. Dezember 2008, 00:34

Otomen von Aya Kanno

Verlag: Hakusensha
Bände: 6 (Ongoing)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Masamune Asuka ist ein sehr beliebter Junge an seiner Schule. Er ist intelligent, erfolgreich im Kampfsport und gut aussehend. Allerdings ist dies nur eine Fassade, um seine geheimen Vorlieben zu verbergen. In Wirklichkeit liebt er nämlich mädchenhafte Dinge. So ließt er beispielsweise am liebsten Shōjo-Manga. Außerdem kann er sehr gut backen und nähen. Weil seine Mutter aber möchte, dass er sich männlicher verhält, hat sie ihm alle mädchenhaften Beschäftigungen verboten. Nun muss er also versuchen, seine wahre Identität zu verbergen. Dazu gehört auch, dass er sich nicht einfach in jemanden verlieben darf, wie es in Shōjo-Manga häufig der Fall ist.

1 026

Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2008, 19:51

Sengoku Strays
Autor: Shingo Nanami
Zeichner: Shingo Nanami
Verlag: Square Enix
Magazin: GanGan Wing
Bände: 2 (wird fortgesetzt)
Genre: Action, Historical, Shounen
Kasane is your average kendo-obsessed girl, when a brush with a mysterious sword sends her back in time to the Sengoku Era. Stuck in an unfamiliar time and place, Kasane also has the poor luck of winding up right in the middle of the turmoil that surrounded Oda Nobunaga's rise to power!

1 027

Freitag, 2. Januar 2009, 17:26

Eiken von Seiji Matsuyama (18 Bände; abgeschlossen)
Verlag: Akita Shoten
Genres: School, Harem, Ecchi, Comedy

Densuke just enrolled at the exclusive Zashono academy. He's eager to participate in extra-curricular activities, but he never expected to join the mysterious Eiken club. Strangely enough, every other member is a busty co-ed, and many of the club activities include bikinis. But Densuke isn't interested in anyone but the shy and beautiful Chiharu. Will he overcome this wall of women that stand between him and true love?

Ou jaaaaaaaaaaa, bitte!!!!!! Mein absoluter Lieblingsmanga ;)

1 028

Sonntag, 4. Januar 2009, 16:38

Ich wünsche mir sehnlichst Otomentaru und vor allem Bijo Juku von Mayumi Yokoyama, von der ihr schon einige Manga herausgebracht habt. Mehr können nicht schaden, ich kaufe alle.

Und habe auch schon bisher alle, die von ihr sind! Ich bin begeistert von ihren witzigen Shojogeschichten und kann nicht genug davon kriegen! Bitte erfüllt mir diesen Wunsch ^_^ Wäre dann echt glücklich darüber.

Liebe Grüße,


1 029

Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009, 17:52

Eiken von Seiji Matsuyama (18 Bände; abgeschlossen)
Verlag: Akita Shoten
Genres: School, Harem, Ecchi, Comedy
Dafür bin ich auch :D

Dazu wünsche ich mir:

Dance in the Vampire Bund
Autor: Nozomu Tamaki
Zeichner: Nozomu Tamaki
Verlag: Media Factory
Magazin: Comic Flapper
Bände: 6 (wird fortgesetzt)
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Lolicon, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
After millennia in hiding, Mina Tepes, the Princess of the ancient covenant and ruler of all vampires, wants change. Using the vast wealth of the Tepes line, she has paid off the entire gross national debt of Japan and in so doing, gained the authority to create a "special district" off the coast of Japan that is to become the future haven to vampires the world over! Now, on the eve of the landmark press conference announcing the existence of vampires to the world, terrorists and rival factions plot to assassinate Mina before she has a chance to make her world-changing announcement!

1 030

Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009, 21:10

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho
Autor: Mitsuru Hattori
Verlag: Kodansha
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Shounen, Sports
Kaname Okimura, ein Student der Prefectoral Umineko Shougyou High (kurz "Umisho"), tritt dem Schwimmclub als Trainer bei, obwohl er selber nicht schwimmen kann. So versucht er es bei dieser Gelegenheit gleich zu erlernen. Aber der Club ist gefüllt mit Verrückten von denen ihm keiner so recht helfen kann.

Dann tritt eine transfer Schülerin aus Okinawa dem Club bei, ihr Name ist Amuro Ninagawa. Ihr unglaublicher unterwasser Tempo und unüblicher Schwimmstil (plus ihrer Vorliebe fürs nackt schwimmen -- ein überaus mächtiger Magnet für Jungs) überrascht alle Mitglieder besonders Okimura, weil sie ihn an einer Meerjungfrau erinnert, die er als kleiner Junge einmal gesehen hatte.

1 031

Montag, 12. Januar 2009, 23:20

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru von Yasushi Baba
Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Seinen
Bände Anzahl: 33 laufend
Verlag: Kodansha
Magazin: Young Magazine
Kohinata Minoru is a college student at a college that is popular for its sports rather than academic orientation. Although he starts out as a gymnast alongside his friend, Nana, Minoru is bullied by the higher ranked gymnasts. One evening, a karate student at the college, Mutou Ryuuji, witnesses Minoru being bullied and comes to the rescue... but his intentions aren't to save Minoru, but to drag him into the world of karate. Minoru makes new friends and learns some of their dark pasts, including a shocking death that reveals motives for revenge.

Ultimate Gachinko: Ishu Kakutougi Oudensetsu von Takahashi Shinsuke
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Sports
Bände Anzahl: 3 laufend
Verlag: Kodansha
Magazin: MiChao!

1 032

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009, 16:44

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru von Yasushi Baba
Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Seinen
Bände Anzahl: 33 laufend
Verlag: Kodansha
Magazin: Young Magazine

Ultimate Gachinko: Ishu Kakutougi Oudensetsu von Takahashi Shinsuke
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Sports
Bände Anzahl: 3 laufend
Verlag: Kodansha
Magazin: MiChao!
Ich möchte die beiden auch haben :thumbsup:

Noch dazu wünsche ich mir

Edens Bowy
Autor: Kitsune Tennouji
Zeichner: Kitsune Tennouji
Verlag: Kadokawa Shoten
Magazin: Shonen Ace
Bände: 18 (wird fortgesetzt)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Shounen, Tragedy
In a world with floating cities know as Eden, a young boy named Jorrne attempts to return to Eden to be reunited with his mother. Born with the destiny of bearing god-killing powers, he is the object of Eden's attention--both as something to study, and something to destroy. Aided by a young magic-wielding girl named Elisiss, her sister Enefeaa, and a swordsman sent from Eden, Jorrne travels to find his way home and to discover the truth behind his power.

1 033

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009, 17:04

Shinyaku "Kyojin no Hoshi" Hanagata
Shinyaku "Kyojin no Hoshi" Hanagata stammt aus dem Kodansha Verlag und wird im Weekly Shonen Magazine veröffentlicht. Zurzeit gibt es 12 Bände. Die Zeichnungen und die Story sind auch super.

Zur Story:
Hyuma Hoshi is an aspiring pitcher who wants to be a star like his father. The commitment of the pair to their sport and to one another is almost unbearable in its intensity. The down-to-earth realism of this series with its insights into baseball strategy has delighted generations of adults and children alike.

1 034

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009, 17:25

Ich wünsche mir:

Kobato von Clamp
Verlag: Kadokawa Shoten
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen

Hanato Kobato is a cute girl who has a mission: fill up a mysterious bottle she carries with her in order to grant her wish. For that mission, she's counting with Ioryogi's help, a little blue dog who seems very cute but who has a terrible foul mouth and bad manners. Now, Kobato-chan has to heal the people whose hearts are wounded. The only problem is that she doesn't really know how to do it. The more people/hearts she heals, the more her bottle fills itself. She only needs to take care to not fall in love with the person she's healing.
For what purpose Kobato needs to fill that bottle? Who sent her for this mission? Will she succeed?

Battery von Chikage Yuniwa
Verlag: Kadokawa Shoten
Genres: Shoujo, Sports

Lucky Star von Kagami Yoshimizu
Verlag: Kadokawa Shoten
Genres: Comedy, School Life, Slice of Life

Lucky Star's story portrays the lives of several school girls attending a Japanese high school with a very loose humor tone.

The setting is based on the town Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture. The female lead is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club, and has low grades. Her laziness at school is due to her love for anime and video games and lack of interest in anything else.

The serialization began with the four main characters in their first year of high school: Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, and Miyuki Takara. As the story progresses, they move onto their second and third year.

Neo Angelique von Mika Kajiyama
Verlag: Kadokawa Shoten
Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Ange, a young 17-year old, finds herself chosen as the "Legendary Etoile" by Queen Angelique to protect the cosmos. Ange, who has always thought of herself as being alone, suddenly finds herself in a Sanctuary with a group of dazzling Guardians, who are there to aid her in her mission to save the cosmos from complete destruction.

Angelique von Kairi Yura
Verlag: Kadokawa Shoten
Genres: Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Shoujo

With the powers of the Queen of the Cosmos weakening, a new queen has to be chosen. With the help of nine guardians, the two queen candidates take the queen examination to become the next Queen of the Cosmos.

Saiunkoku Monogatari von Kairi Yura
Verlag: Kadokawa Shoten
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Historical, Josei, Romance, Supernatural

The setting is a fantasy version of medieval China, called Saiunkoku or "Land of Many-Colored Clouds." The heroine, Shuurei, is the daughter of a noble family that has become poor. She plays the erhu and earns money for the family, but is frustrated by their poverty. One day she is invited to the palace to be a tutor to the new young king.

1 035

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009, 17:30

Ich wünsche mir ganz doll Otomen!

Ich wünsche mir super, super doll von ganzem Herzen Otomen von Aya Kanno

Asuka Masamune- the coolest, manliest guy in his whole school. He excels in judo, karate and he's the captain of the kendo team and he's even the best player in the country... but he has a secret: The things he really loves are sweets, cute things, cooking, shoujo manga and sewing. He hides this part of his life from everyone else but then he meets a girl named Ryou Miyakozuka...

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otomen

Übrigens ist Otomen super erfolgreich, bitte bringt Otomen bei euch heraus das wäre das aller größte. :D

1 036

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009, 20:50

Over Drive von Tsuyoshi Yasuda (17 Bände; abgeschlossen)
Verlag: Kodansha
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Sports

Shinozaki Mikoto is a student who's life is really routine. Going to school, going home, going to school, going home...nothing changes....until the day the girl he likes talks to him and introduces him to bicycling. His life now has a new meaning, and a bright path has shown itself to Shinozaki. Experiencing both failure and success throughout his training, he works hard to become the best cyclist in the world
Ein jeder Wunsch, wenn er erfüllt, kriegt automatisch Junge.

1 037

Samstag, 17. Januar 2009, 01:28

Das wünsche ich mir ganz, ganz doll!

von Yamaguchi, Takayuki
Verlag: Akita Shoten
Setting: Samurai, Historical, Splatter
Genre: Drama, Violence, Shounen

Japan zu Beginn der Edo Periode.

Der grausame Fürst Tokugawa lässt ein großes Schertkampfturnier abhalten, zu dessen Teilnahme alle Samurai verpflichtet sind.
Doch anstatt mit Holzschwertern soll mit echten Schwertern gekämpft werden. Ein Affront für die Untergebenen, doch sie beugen sich dem Willen ihres Herrschers. Unter den Teilnehmern sind auch die beiden Schwertkunstmeister Fujiki Gennosuke und Irako Seigen - einer ist blind, der andere hat nur einen Arm. Beide stehen sich im Turnier gegenüber. Doch ihr Duell ist nur die Spitze eines Eisberges aus Gier, Verrat, Eifersucht und Hass, der bereits viele Menschenleben gekostet und eine der besten Schwertschulen des Landes zerstört hat.

Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 6 mal editiert, zuletzt von »Soda12« (17. Januar 2009, 01:46)

1 038

Montag, 19. Januar 2009, 20:44

Autor: Yukino Ichihara
Zeichner: Yuki Amemiya
Verlag: Ichijinsha
Magazin: Comic Zero-Sum
Bände: 7 (wird fortgesetzt)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
Out of 500 students in the military academy, only 20 will pass the difficult graduation exam to become begleiters (Assistant Executive Officers). Teito Klein, the chairman’s favorite, is one of them. He is disliked by the other students because of his relations with the chairman and his mysterious past. After Teito and his best from, Mikage, finish the first phase, Teito begins to have strange dreams again about a man. Later on he eavesdrops on people talking about him. During this conversation, Teito recognizes the man in his dreams and another man that killed him. When he is caught he is sent to prison, but escapes with the help of his best friend. Teito left Mikage and was found falling from the sky and unconscious by a group of guys.

1 039

Montag, 19. Januar 2009, 21:15

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch von Majiko!, Goro Taniguchi und Ichiro Okouchi

Bände: 5
Verlag: Kadokawa Shoten
Genre: Action, Ecchi, Mecha, School Life

Am 10. August 2010 fällt das Königreich Britannia in Japan ein. Ein furchtbarer Krieg beginnt, den Japan auf Grund der von Britannia entwickelten Mechas, den Nightmare Flames, verliert. Japan wurde Teil des Reiches Britannias und verlor seine Freiheit und Rechte und bekam einen neuen Namen, Area 11. Weil Lelouch, der Sohn des Königs Britannia, mit ansehen musste, wie seine Mutter vor seinen Augen von Terroristen getötet wurde und sein Vater nichts dagegen unternahm, schwor er aus Rache das Königreich Britannia zu zerstören.
7 Jahre nach dem Krieg lebt Lelouch Lamperouge in Area 11 und geht dort zur Schule. Eines Tages sieht er, wie ein von Nightmare Flames verfolgter Laster in eine Mauer kracht. Durch unglückliche Zwischenfälle fällt er in den Laster und als er sich in einem unterirdischen Gewölbe wiederfindet, entsteigt plötzlich ein Mädchen einem auf dem Laster befindlichen Behälter. Lelouch flieht mit dem Mädchen durch die Kanalisation, wird aber am Ausgang von den Truppen Britannias gefasst. Als man ihn wegen Terrorismus erschießen will, bietet das Mädchen ihm an, einen Vertrag mir ihr einzugehen, der ihm die Macht verleiht lebend aus dieser Situation zu entkommen. Ohne zu zögern willigt Lelouch ein.
Nun hat Lelouch alles, was er braucht, um Britannia zu zerstören und somit beginnt er seinen Feldzug zur Vernichtung des Königreiches Britannia.

1 040

Samstag, 24. Januar 2009, 20:39

Ich wünsche mir auch noch sehr von euch

Mangaka: Aya Kanno
Bände: 7 (laufend)
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Verlag: Hakusensha
Magazin: Bessatsu Hana to Yume

Asuka is a guy who has likings for girly things like shoujo manga, baking, and sewing. However, his mother forbids him being so and wants him to grow up manly. He starts learning kendo and karate and grows up to be stoic guy. But can he fight the urge of falling in love and hiding his real identity?